Food additives, colors and other junk

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I used to buy anything that looked good, really! candies, cakes, ice creams, juices…everything, but since I became a mom I also became much more aware of the fact that not every bag of chips that states that it has “No artificial flavors” is actually good for you.

Unfortunately, these days it’s harder to find food that has nothing artificial in it as most of the foods do. But you can be a smart shopper and do yourself and your family a huge favor. By choosing your food wisely and by reading the labels carefully you can actually help your child focus for example, or help yourself minimize stomach aches and mainly help your family eat healthy.

The food additives are not always mentioned clearly on the food label.  A lot of times you’ll see the E letter and then a number right next to it. these are codes that stand for the food additive or colors that were added to that specific food.

I used to have a table of all the additives and the E numbers on my fridge. When I went searching for one online a few days ago I noticed the list has grown 🙁

I see all those beautiful cake decorations and baked goods and frosting and sweets, and they are all filled with colors and I ask myself “Why?”, why feed a child with this when you can substitute it with natural ingredients?

I’m planning on posting a list of substitutes for colors soon so stay tuned.

I the meantime I’m attaching a list of the E numbers for you to have at home and pay attention closely to what you eat.

Live well and prosper! 🙂

Here’s the list I mentioned: Food Additives