Pickles – but not just any pickles – Princess Pickles

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I love Cauliflower! The kids love it too. Any form, any way, any size, just love it.

In addition, summer is almost here, and what’s a better day to spend sunny days than on our deck with a cold drink and some munchies?Well…I saw a Cauliflower on sale last week and decided to make some munchies.

I made pickled Cauliflower and Beets or as Shai called it “Princess Pickles” – because it’s pink 🙂

You can also make these without the beets and get in its natural color or you can add ½ teaspoon of Turmeric and get a nice shade of yellow to it; Works with or without color and always good to have at home.


1 large sealed jar

1 Cauliflower head, separated into small flowers

1 Beet, pealed and sliced

5-6 Garlic cloves, peeled and cut in half (you can also leave them whole)

1 tbsp white vinegar (I used wine vinegar)

Kosher Salt (Coarse Salt)

2 Bay Leaves

6 tiny balls of English pepper (whole)



1. Put the cauliflower flowers, the garlic and the sliced beet in the jar – layered or mixed, as you prefer.

2. Add the vinegar into the jar.

3. Place the bay leaves and English pepper in the jar.

4. Fill the jar with water like this: for every 1tsp Kosher Salt, add 1 cup of water (so you can either mix 1 tsp salt in a cup of water before you add it to the jar or you can spread the salt and then pour 1 cup of water on it and so on).

5. Once the jar is filled, seal it tightly and gently shake it from side to side – this will make sure everything is mixed well.

6. Place the sealed jar in a bright place (like next to the window for example) for 7-10 days.

**My pickles were ready after 7 days**


Once the pickles are ready, make sure you either take them out of the jar into a clean Tupperware or you can simply place the whole jar in the fridge. This will stop the pickling process.