The perfect Blintzes or Wrap

Posted in Home Made Cooking

I usually don’t bother remembering how I made something, especially when it comes to blintzes. I mix milk with oil and flour, eggs and some sugar, take a look at the texture, decide it’s good to go and that’s it.This time I was determined to make the perfect blintzes or wraps. I was planning on stuffing them with herb and garlic cheese I made and I had to make sure they are in the right thickness and size, because you want to feel the stuffing and not just the blintzes dough.

I’ve found the perfect recipe and I’m even ready to share it with you. Furthermore, I took pictures of the “wrapping” process so stay tuned. An important tip to remember when making these is that in order to get the perfect blintzes, you need to make sure there are enough fluids. Otherwise you will end up with a dense texture or something really thick.

Ingredients: (yields 12 pieces on a 20 inch pan)

¾ cup all purpose flour

2 tbsp melted butter

3 eggs

1 ½ cups milk (3.25%)

Pinch of salt


1) Mix the ingredients really well (you can beat them using a mixer)

2) Preheat a non-stick pan over medium heat

3) Fill ½ ladle every time and pour into preheated pan. Spread the batter evenly by turning the pan gently until you get a round, thin layer of batter.

4) after about 30 seconds check to see if the bottom is ready and golden and then flip to the other side.

For the Stuffing:

1) Place the stuffing you use on the first third of the blintz.

2) Fold 1/3 blintz towards the inside and then fold the other 1/3 as well.

3) Now roll the blintz gently.

4) To make sure it is closed tightly, I usually place the ready blintzes on a preheated pan (low heat), blintzes closing edge facing down, for about 2 minutes. This will make sure the blintzes will not re-open when you serve it.