Whole wheat Pizza

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A few years ago my husband and I decided to start eating healthier. Goat milk products, no food colorings and additives, eat whole grains and lots of fruit, veggies and fibers. Sound boring and not too tasty right? That’s what I thought. I know that deep inside we all know how junk food is bad for us and yet, we still eat it from time to time.I started with whole grain home-made breads and soon enough it occurred to me that even that “junk food” can be transformed into a healthier meal.

Now days, one of our family’s favorites is my home-made pizza. The perfect combination of tasty, fast food-ish and healthy, and why? Because it’s made of whole wheat flour.

Here’s the recipe. Fear not – it’s REALLY easy:

Pizza Crust:

500 grams whole wheat flour

2 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp dry yeast

3 tbsp olive oil

1 ½ – 2 cups lukewarm water

Optional: oregano, dry basil

Express Pizza Sauce:

2 tbsp olive oil

1 small can tomato paste

½ onion – chopped

2 garlic cloves – chopped

½ tsp garlic powder

Up to 1 cup warm water

Dry oregano / Basil

Salt and Pepper


To make the pizza dough:

1) Place flour, sugar, yeast and olive oil in large bowl. Add 1 ½ cup water and mix. If you see it is too dry, add the additional ½ cup water. Knead the dough until all the ingredients are combined and the dough is soft and non-sticky.

2) Cover the bowl with dough with a plastic cling wrap and let it stand in a warm place (that is, not next to the window or anything that may produce cold) for about 40 minutes. After 40 minutes you will see that the dough doubled its size.


Meanwhile, you make the sauce:

1) Over medium heat, heat the oil and add the chopped onion. Stir until onion golden.

2) Add the Garlic and stir for about 20 seconds and then add the tomato paste and about ½ cup warm water. Stir the sauce and lower heat to low.

3) Add the spices now. If you see that the sauce is too liquid from some reason you can do 2 things:

a. You can turn up the heat a bit and let it simmer until it thickens.

b. You can simply add some tomato paste until you reach the desired texture.

Alternatively, if it is too thick, add water.

3) After the sauce is ready you can either use it like this or you can blend it in a blender or chopper. Depends on the texture you like.

Once the dough and sauce are ready, all that’s left to do is spread the dough nicely on a baking pan covered with a baking sheet, spread the sauce on top and add the cheese and extras on top.

Place the pizza in a preheated oven on 350F (or 180C) for about 30-40 minutes.

You know it’s ready when you check the bottom of the crust and it’s golden brown.

I usually like to add healthy extras on top like broccoli, goat cheese, onions, tomatoes, peppers etc.