Apple and Peanut Butter Lips

Posted in Sweets

It’s Saturday morning, and after making some french toast for  the kids I decided to get some fruits into those bellies 🙂

What better way to do it then have fun with it?

There’s a great Facebook page called “Spice of Life” and in there they have many cute ideas of different stuff. Among other very cute things I saw this idea and decided to implement it as I had all the ingredients handy.You can also do this with a pear, a watermelon, almost anything you can slice to wedges really.

All you need to do is slice the fruit to wedges, spread some peanut butter on two pieces, stick a few mini marshmallows on one piece and cover with the other one and there you have it. A mouth the kids would LOVE to eat.

I know I had to slice two whole apples for this one and I even ended up taking some very cute pics 🙂

Fun food, is there anything that tops that?