Ready to go BBQ Skewers – A Tip

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I love barbequing! It’s so good and fast and easy!

We used to BBQ Hamburgers and Hot Dogs most of the time because they did not require advanced preparation.

When I had time, I thawed some Chicken thighs, cut into cubes, added spices and veggies, put on skewers and had a great feast when it was ready. But unfortunately most of the time I just don’t have the time for this whole process. I tried something about a month ago and it worked! What I did is the whole process I just mention, only at the end of it I wrapped every 2-3 skewers with parchment paper and layered them on top of each other and placed in a sealed bag and into the freezer. Just like that, with the spices and veggies on them.

What can I say? It save my life a few times since then. Whenever the kids wanted BBQ I just pulled it out of the freezer, took 2-3 skewers apart from the whole bunch of skewers (which was easy because remember? I wrapped it in parchment paper) and just like that placed them on the BBQ. Yes…It took about 5 extra minutes until it was ready, but it was so yummy and still fast and even easier 🙂

I just thought I’d share my accomplishment and revelation 🙂