Cheese Omelet – A Square pocket omelet

Posted in Home Made Cooking

Is there anything more basic than an Omelet? Probably, but omelet is the easiest solution I know for lunch, breakfast and sometimes, even dinner.

I came home for a lunch break and had zero time to make some food before I leave back to work so I made myself a sandwich. But, how do you make an omelet that fits right between to slices of bread? You make it a square omelet of course.So here’s my way of making a basic omelet:


1 egg

1 tbsp milk/ whipping cream

1 Slice cheese

Salt and Pepper

1 tbsp vegetable oil



1. Preheat the oil on medium heat.

2. Beat egg + milk + slat and pepper

3. Pour egg mix onto heated oil. Once you see that the egg starts to form a crust on the bottom, place the cheese slice in the middle.

4. Fold the egg on four sides to create a square.

5. Flip the Omelet and remove from pan about 30 seconds later.


Now you have a perfect square omelet. Place inside your sandwich and enjoy.