Green Beans in Garlic and Butter – The perfect solution for a side dish

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Having a bag of frozen green beans in the freezer in our house is a must. You can make pies with it, soups, even add to fresh salads but mostly I use it as my go-to side dish when I want something fast and nutritious.There are no measured amounts of ingredients because you basically make this dish playing by ear…or taste in this case 🙂




Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

Frozen green beans


Crushed Garlic


And this is how you make it:

1. You place the frozen beans in a pot of boiling water and close the lid, and you cook them for about 10 minutes until it softens.

2. You drain the water (using a colander) and leave the cooked beans in the pot.

3. You add butter and crushed Garlic and salt (you can also add chopped dill), you place the lid on the pot and shake the pot gently in circles until the melted butter and garlic mix coat the beans.

Easy right? It tastes really good and everyone love it. Consider it a tip rather than a recipe 🙂