Growing Our Own Mushrooms – What A Cool Experience

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kids with mushroom kit


I already went on and on about the amazing Food Bloggers Conference I took part in. Also, I mentioned we all got to take a pretty sweet swag bag home. One of the conference sponsors was Mushrooms.Ca and what they gave us, in my opinion, was so incredible (and food related) that I had to share.

You see, as you may have already noticed browsing through my blog, I am a strong believer and supporter of healthy eating. I don’t like food colorings, processed foods or food additives and try to avoid these whenever possible. I like knowing where my food came from and know that it went through as little as possible before it got on my plate, and this is exactly why the mushroom growing kit I received at the conference was amazing to me. First of all I must admit, that I’ve never witnessed the growth of a mushroom. I mean, I know how it works in theory but I’ve never really had the chance to actually see how mushrooms grow, and second, I was beyond thrilled just knowing that I can share this with the kids. Thrilled to have the opportunity to show the kids and experience with them where our food comes from. So yeah, to me this mushroom kit was pretty awesome. Not to mention we love mushrooms at home. Really, my kids literally eat them as is, like a snack.

You’re probably asking yourself “what is this kit she is mumbling about?” well, it’s a kit where you grow your own oyster mushrooms. You get a mister with the kit and of course the instructions and you’re all set. Apparently mushrooms adore water, so we had to spray water on them using the mister at least twice a day. We also had to make sure they get enough light, so I placed the kit on my kitchen window, which made it really convenient since I’m mostly there anyway and can easily remember to water the mushrooms.

For the first 3 days after we opened the kit there was nothing, but then on the 3rd day the mushrooms started growing. By the 11th day they were so big and beautiful. We cropped our mushrooms and prepared a real nice and yummy brunch. The kids were thrilled. They grew their own food, how cool is that?

Now we found out that the kit is double sided and that we can grow the 2nd batch of mushrooms on the other side of the box. Can’t wait for the fun ahead!


Mushroom Kit Front and Back

Mushroom Kit Day 1

Mushroom Kit Day 3

Mushroom Kit Day 5

Mushroom Kit Day 6

Mushroom Kit Day 9

Mushroom Kit Day 10

Mushroom Kit Day 11

  1. Look how BIG they got!! I love all of the excitement, can’t wait for the second batch…thanks for sharing!


    • Maya Moscovich - April 30, 2013

      My pleasure! We are excited to start the second batch 🙂

  2. What did you make for brunch with the mushrooms? That looks like it was so much fun! My kids would have loved doing this too!

    • Maya Moscovich - May 1, 2013

      Hubby made mushrooms with green peas and we had it with omelet and salad. It was so good! Maybe you can go on their website and order a kit?