11 Food Blogs You Need To Follow

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As a food blogger, it only makes sense for me to follow other food blogs.

Not just because we are an entire (amazing) community, but because when you create something, whether it’s food, art, jewelry or any other thing, you need inspiration.

I draw my inspiration from my mom, my friends, my family, my husband, my kids, (sometimes myself) and my fellow food bloggers.

I bet most of you follow at least 2-3 food blogs. You know, one for healthy eating, one for baking, one for great meat recipes, so today I wanted to share my 11 go-to food blogs; food blogs you just owe it to yourself to follow. They are all run by talented people and I love that you can feel their passion in every post.

 So here they are, your next go-to food blogs:

 Green Kitchen Stories:

I’ve recently discovered this beautiful blog. It is a blog that’s being run by a couple (in real life) and they share the task of running it (one cooks and develops recipes and the other bakes, edits and takes the photos). The blog focuses on eating healthy and wholesome vegetarian foods. The recipes are wonderful, the photos are mouthwatering and the writing is up-close and personal. I also love that the ingredients are not hard to find which means I can actually make the recipes (woo-hoo). This blog will definitely take your vegetarian dishes to the next level.


 Guilty Kitchen:

I became familiar with Elizabeth’s blog through her book.

If you read through my blog you’ll see that I love using coconut oil whenever possible, and I also try to substitute various ingredients with their healthier version.

So imagine how thrilled I was when I first read Elizabeth’s book “Cooking with Coconut Oil”. The book was so great I had to check out the blog. This blog is full of healthy recipes that use coconut oil, it also has many recipes for people out there that follow the Paleo diet, and although I don’t follow this diet, I’m telling you, the recipes are SUPER good! You will love the simplicity, the writing and the “drool-able” photos.


Simple Bites:

I had the pleasure of meeting Aimee (Simple Bites editor) at the 1st Food Bloggers Conference that took place in Ontario last year. She came with her husband and daughter and I immediately knew that her blog was family focused, just the way I like it.

Her blog is full of great family stories (running an urban homestead will provide you with these) and amazing recipes for food made from scratch. She has great tips for cooking with kids, awesome tutorials and super inviting posts.

I love the photos, the recipes and the use of healthy, affordable and everyday ingredients.


The Baking Beauties:

Although I’m not celiac or Gluten intolerant, if you know me a bit by now you’ll know that I try to avoid gluten or minimize its presence when possible.

Jeannine’s Gluten Free blog is a must add to your bookmarks. She shares some pretty fantastic gluten free recipes ranging from breakfasts to desserts. I know Jeannine in person and can tell you that once her recipes go up on the blog, they are sure to be foolproof and oh-so-good. Whether your body embraces or rejects gluten, you will love this blog and all it has to offer – just like I did!


 Bakeaholic Mama:

I started following Carrie from Bakeaholicmama.Com through Instagram. I just loved her funny photos and happy attitude. In her blog she says about herself: “Busy Stay at home mom of 3. Trying to fulfill my baking addiction while eating my veggies” and that’s exactly what she does 🙂 Carrie has so many baked goods recipes that are to die for! Yeah, not all of them will help you with your diet but you’ll probably end up just coming back to them every single time. She is funny, talented and has a way of making you empathize with whatever she writes about (she also has 3 adorable helpers). Her photos are delicious and her blog is in one word – priceless!


Smitten Kitchen:

This is one of the first food blogs I have ever discovered and I keep following it to this day. Every photo makes me hungry and every recipe is made of ingredients I usually have available. You’ll find amazing cooked dishes as well as wonderful baked goods. The recipes will take you step by step and you’ll be amazed at what you just created. This one is seriously addictive. And to think that Deb (the editor) creates everything in her tiny kitchen! Inspiring!


All Day I dream About Food:

Carolyn is the mastermind behind this beautiful blog. She is Diabetic and other than that she blogs about delicious mostly low carb, gluten free food. So imagine the benefits of browsing through her blog and making her recipes.

Beautiful shots, great recipes and fabulous writing are just the beginning. I am hooked on this blog and loving how it proves that there are no limits when you have the passion.


The Shiksa in the Kitchen:

While looking for a traditional Jewish holiday recipe I found Tori’s blog a couple of years ago. If you browse through, you’ll find delicious recipes with easy to follow instructions and stories about food history that will pull you right in. You’ll also find Jewish dishes with a twist and beautiful photographs. I love Tori’s blog; it makes me feel at home.


The Healthy Apple:

TheHealthyApple.Com is basically a guide to clean eating. You see, after suffering with digestive issues for years and receiving a life-changing diagnosis that would change her life, Amie decided to not give up and look at the bright side. She developed some pretty awesome recipes and a lifestyle that is totally admirable. She is (a personal chef among other things) sharing gluten free, organic, dairy free, vegan and just super healthy and nutritious recipes that not only look great but taste amazing as well (believe me, I tried some). I totally admire her lifestyle and her positive attitude. When you feel you would like to treat your body, just pick a recipe from her blog.


Kitchen Meets Girl:

Ashley’s blog KitchenMeetsGirl.Com is the living proof that absolutely everyone can cook! From declaring that she will not cook to having her own successful food blog, this fact alone should get everyone go ahead and check out her blog.

But seriously, the shots are astonishing and the recipes are so easy and healthy and nourishing. This blog has so many inspiring ideas, giveaways and really just good stuff! It is family focused and sure enough, everyone in your family will be happy if you make some of the recipes Ashley posts. Pizza, Chicken, Brownies, Soups, Breads – it’s all there. I keep checking it out daily. Yumm!


365 Days of Baking:

You are going to love Lynne! She is funny and friendly and just a fun personality, and adding these to her recipes is just perfect. I love her blog and her recipes. I always find something easy to make on the go and I always have the ingredients in hand. Tons of desserts, baked goods, dinners, lunches and just everything! And it all looks so good! The posts are fun and inviting and sometimes I find myself checking them out just for the sake of reading a fun post. A keeper!


Isn’t it inspiring to know that so many people share the same passion yet find so many different ways to express and share it? I think it’s amazing!

  1. Thank you so much for including me, Maya! 🙂 I’m honoured!

  2. Thanks so much for including Simple Bites, Maya. I really appreciate the mention among such great company. Off to check out few of these new-to-me names. 😉

    • Maya Moscovich - February 5, 2014

      My pleasure! And I’m so happy I was able to introduce some new blogs to you 🙂 yay!

  3. Thank you SO much for including my blog on here Maya! So kind of you; I’m honored. xoxx

  4. Thanks so much for including me, Maya!

  5. Thank you for recommending these blogs. There are so many out there, it’s helpful to see your reviews.

    • Maya Moscovich - February 5, 2014

      I’m so happy you’re finding this helpful! This was the whole purpose 🙂
      Thank you!