A Few of My Favorite Things

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Ever since I found Pinterest and started pinning my recipes, it opened my eyes to some pretty amazing things. Things like beautiful and easy DIY projects (which I love doing) and yummy, amazingly looking foods.
Every time after vising Pinterest (which happens a few times a day), I feel the urge to go do something, create something, cook something. Obviously, actually going and creating or cooking something requires energy which I usually don’t have after spending the day at work, so I look for shortcuts online, for tools that will help me or make it easier.
Amazon and Ebay are my favorite when it comes to finding the good (and affordable) stuff, so I took a stroll and found some things I have and love and some other things I REALLY want to buy; Thought I’d share and spread the love 🙂
After all, spring brings out the shopper in me (call me weird).
Spice Gripper
I just found out that this thing exists. I have 2 completely FULL kitchen cabinets with spices, boy how nice it would be to actually organize everything and not have something fall on my head (nearly heating it) every time I open the cupboard. I’m definitely getting these!

Spice Gripper

Pebeo Porcelaine Markers
These are perfect for gift making! I saw this amazing idea on Pinterest where you can take porcelain or ceramic cookie jar, fill it with cookies (duh) and write the recipe on the jar. How fun is that? These markers will do the job.

Porcelain Markers


Two Tier Mesh Sliding Cabinet Organizer
So I bought this for one of my kitchen cabinets, and it is a true space saver. It’s amazing how much space I have now (well, had…because I immediately found something to place there). These are super convenient and they made my things a lot more accessible. It’s so easy to find stuff now. And I even got it for this same price 🙂

Cabinet Organizer for kitchen


KitchPRO Veggie Chopper
Finally, something that makes sense!
I have this fry cutter at home but in mine, you have to squeeze the handle and then what happens all the time is that the cut potato just goes flying into my kitchen wall. With this one, all you need to do is push and there you have it – nicely cut veggies and super-fast homemade potato fries.

Veggie Chopper


Lattice Roller
You guys, there isn’t really a pie season you know. It’s always pie season, soon it’ll be strawberries, and then blueberries and then pears and apples. Look at this funky gadget! It helps you create a lattice that looks like you worked on it for hours. I’m sold! One roll and your guests are impressed. Just don’t give away the secret 🙂

Lattice Roller
So these were things I found online, some I already have and some I’ll definitely make sure I have in the very near future (Hi credit card, it’s me! 🙂 ).
Please share if you have some of these or purchased them, I really want to hear about your experience – can’t live in a bubble no more LOL