A Few Of My Favorite Things – Best 5 Gadgets For The Kitchen – May 2015

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Ahhh it finally feels like spring, it sometimes even feels like summer already, today for example we have 28 degrees Celsius, what a joy!
When the weather smiles at me I feel like smiling back at it, so I BBQ…a lot LOL
But seriously, it’s that time of year when my shopping senses suddenly awaken and I feel the urge to buy, renew, and renovate. If only there were more than 24 hours a day, if only I could spend less time at work and more time at…well, life. But I know, I’ve got first world problems.
I find that a good problem solving strategy is to get something new, so I compiled a short list for you all, of things I’m planning on getting myself, maybe some of you will like these too, sharing is caring I say and I definitely care 🙂

#1 Purchase – Popsicle Molds
I guess most of you are like me, and you have some Popsicle molds lying around the house, stuff you bought at a sale once and can’t remember where the lids are. This is exactly why I ordered this mold. No need to worry about lids, you get rid of the stick when you finish your frozen delight and you can make 10 popsicles at a time. I’m sold.

Popsicle Molds


#2 Ordered – A Corn Stripper
No, not a stripper with corn, a corn stripper.
I don’t know about you guys but I don’t fancy eating the corn on its cob, I like cutting the kernels off, smearing it with butter and sprinkling salt. This way I don’t end up looking like I ate a chick when I smile after a meal and have all the corn leftovers stuck between my teeth. So much easier and cleaner to eat this way. I got the kids to like eating this way as well, heehhee.

Corn Stripper


#3 Already have this one – The Best Lemon Squeezer
Why make a mess by squeezing a lemon between your hands when you can pop it into this great gadget, squeeze, and ta-da! You’ve got juice!
I use this for adding lemon to salads, batters, even my water bottle. It’s just so easy and clean.

Lemon Squeezer


#4 On my wish list – Digital Measuring Cup and Scale
I have a measuring cup and I have a scale, but it would be soooo much easier to just have these 2 in 1. And it’ll save me spoons, bowls and cups to clean after baking and cooking. Just put your ingredient in the measuring cup and get the quantity and weight all at once. I want this.

Measuring Cup Scale


#5 On its way – Cherry and Olive Pitter
It’s cherry season you guys! I love cherries! Imagine sitting on the couch in front of your favorite show and pitting cherries away instead of spitting to a bowl. Imagine how easy it would be to make that cherry pie or add cherries to well….anything. I have one of these but it’s so old and wobbly…I want this new one. It’s pretty.

Cherry and Olive Pitter